Überraschung! Blue-green Retro Spa


  • A wonderful gift, ready to send as a gift either for someone or for yourself, no additional packaging required and just leave an optional order note regarding “To & From information” and a phrase on checkout. Or you can send an email to GeniusTeam@geniuscreativeadventures.com with your order number.
  • Premium plush towel wrap
  • Ultra-soft towel twist
  • Loofah bath sponge
  • Extra glamorous mesh sponge
  • A Genius Hand Sanitizer (2 fl. oz.), protection with natural and organic elements!
  • Shampoo scalp massager, with handy palm grip, which helps to promote blood circulation, increase the vitality of the scalp and hair.
  • Include Genius Creative Adventures sticker
  • Will be shipped as a beautiful gift!

“We give 30-40% to a disaster relief.”

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